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Best Tech Gifts for This Christmas

Image Courtesy: Pexels

With the holiday season in full swing and the Christmas spirit in the air, it is time that you add some tech to your gift roster too. It has become increasingly inexpensive to add some great tech gifts for people who are near and dear to you.

But if you feel overwhelmed by what “Tech” gift would be the best, here are a few we recommend.

1. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 

Essentially a digital book and library in one, it is a great option for agitating purposes. Its screen was designed specifically to keep the strain on the yes to a minimum and is a must-have for avid readers. You can save thousands of books on it and it is easily one of the best edutainment investments that you can spend money on.  

Its 8GB memory should be more than enough for 1,000 books. The glare-free 6.8-inch screen makes it a joy to read on.  

2. Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen 

The white noise machine aids your sleeping and has a gentle wake-up light that can help you wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. Many parents swear by it as it has improved both their kids and their sleep quality too.  

The device has Alexa integration and a little alarm clock too. You can check up on your young ones with an audio monitor. It has a battery backup of 8 hours too just in case of a storm.  

3. Skylight Digital Photo Frame 

If you think tech gifts are only for the young, then you are sorely mistaken. Gift your older relatives a digital photo frame with all the pictures you have together. They can be viewed as a slideshow throughout the day, and they will remind them of all the happy times they have had with you.  

You can transfer pictures via Wi-fi and store 100s of pictures too. This is great news for people looking to give a sentimental gift for the holidays. The HD resolution means that people can see the picture with great clarity too.  

4. Razer Kishi 

For fans of mobile gaming, you can give them the Razer Kishi for the youngster in the family. It is a great industry standard console and is compatible with most of the games out there. It brings tactile functionality to touchscreen mobiles, which can exponentially increase the level of enjoyment of mobile games. 

It is $40 and one of the best mobile consoles in the market, not only is it a good option but also made by a reputable brand. Razer has been a behemoth in the gaming industry for a long time and has established itself as someone really reliable.