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FinTech 2022: What’s New and What Will Work?

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2022 is FinTech year for all categories, industries, and verticals. Why? Because we are seeing some major investments in this field over the past year. Although the digital shift of finance sector was predicted, the post-pandemic years have pushed it to new heights.

Despite 2021 being a ‘need to survive year’, FinTech industries have strived and excelled in gaining huge investments. Forbes had reported  that nearly $1 Trillion was invested in the industry during 2021. And the tech dam will break in 2022, enriching the fintech industry in the upcoming quarters.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Europe has seen 72 percent rise in FInTech app utilization. In United States, along with similar rise, 67 percent of public plans to use FinTech solutions for further financial transactions.

Let’s see what is happening around the world of FinTech.

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What’s New In Funding

The trillion dollar deals finalized in 2021 is just the tip of the iceberg as far as we are concerned. What will make the difference is who gained the most substantial funding and how it will reflect in the 2022 market.

Here is a small list of who gained how much in 2021.

  • Fractal – $360 Million
  • Udaan – $250 Million
  • PayFit – $269 Million
  • Addi – $200 Million
  • Petal – $140 Million
  • Monzo – $100 Million
  • Human Security – $100 Million
  • Sygnum – $90 Million
  • iProov – $70 Million

What Will Work In Technology

We’ve ssen who all gained how much in 2021. The domains these company work under includes, but not limited to

  • AI and Advanced analytics solutions
  • Security
  • FinTech
  • Commerce
  • Payroll and HR Management

2022 will see new technology trends emerging in all finance related sectors. What will be appearing will not be necessarily new, but advanced versions.

4 Top FinTech Trends In 2022

Digital-only banks

With the speed-up of digital shift in the world, banks will go to digital-only versions of itself. Banking services like international remittance, Peer-To-Peer transfers, WiFi cards, and cryptocurrency sales will flourish in this digital setup. The increase of mobile accessibility, elimination of paperworks, and lack on interest in physically going to bank are some of the factors that push digital-only banking.


Robotic process automation or RPA, have developed from the infant stages and is handling multiple tedious tasks at present. Financial sector has already replaced a part of their services with RPA already. From various back-end processes like security checks and account maintenance to front-end processes like customer onboarding and mortgage processing, the presence of RPA can be felt everywhere. 2022 will see more processes being built under RPA, except human monitoring perhaps.


Development of blockchain in the financial services have gone further over the past years with the debugging of many technical issues. Business Insider reports a 48 percent rise in blockchain usage in banking.

The cutting-edge technology of blockchain will decentralize the finance procedures, increasing security and transparency. P2P financial platforms are increasingly using blockchain for smooth transactions, and is looking to invest more in the field.

Biometric Security Systems

Advanced smartphone features and technology has brought FinTech and banking to our fingertips. Securing the transactions with face recognition, eye scanner, and fingerprint scanner has already adapted by multiple banking applications.

From the touch-based biometric solutions, the security measures are moving towards the contactless biometric domains owing to the recent pandemic. We will see more advancements in 2022.

A New 2022

As 2022 progresses, we will be able to see the above mentioned trends and many more advanced methods appearing in the FinTech industry. All the investments of 2021 will produce good results now.