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After Trial Sales, EV Technology Group’s Moke France Generates Over $500,000 in Official Instructions

After Trial Sales, EV Technology Group's Moke France Generates Over $500,000 in Official Instructions

EV Technology Group Ltd. (the “Company” or “EV Technology Group”) (NEO: EVTG, DE: B96A) announces today that its wholly owned subsidiary MOKE France SAS (“MOKE France”) has generated Electric MOKE orders worth over €500,000 in total value following the opening of an initial pilot of its direct-to-consumer sales offering for the Electric MOKE.

The MOKE brand was founded in the 1960s by Sir Alec Issigonis, and quickly became the must-have accessory in some of the world’s most favoured coastal hotspots, thanks to its iconic design. MOKE France SAS has French distribution rights to the Electric MOKE, which is manufactured in Great Britain, and has made the Electric MOKE available for consumers to purchase online since the end of April 2022.

Purchasers of the Electric MOKE are required to deposit €990 to secure their order, with the remainder to be paid on delivery of their Electric MOKE. MOKE France anticipates fulfilments of pilot orders within the year.

In addition to already generating orders worth over €500,000 in total value, MOKE France has generated a significant pipeline of potential clients, setting the company up for a successful sales period over the upcoming summer season. The Electric MOKE promises to be available in five different colours, and has a range of 144km, perfect for the scenic twists and turns of the South of France or shuttling from beach-house to water-front.

These orders are in addition to MOKE France’s pilot subscription service which offers monthly subscription-based access to the Electric MOKE for both consumers and business clients. The first business clients to sign include luxury real estate players Bo-House and Tardieu Immobilier.

“Consumers have been incredibly receptive towards our direct-to-consumer pilot. The intensity of demand we are observing paves the way for a successful first summer of trading these symbolic electric vehicles,” said Wouter Witvoet, CEO and Chairman of EV Technology Group. “The reception to the Electric MOKE indicates not only a strong future sales potential for this vehicle, but validation of our broader strategy of finding iconic brands and helping them enter the electric era.”

“The moment you see someone driving a MOKE Electric, you can’t help but think how cool it looks – and I can confidently say it really is the best beach shuttle, so I am not surprised at the amount of orders and interest we have received with minimal marketing activity since the pilot launched,” said Willy Gruyelle, CEO of MOKE France.