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Anjuna Sees Rapid Growth As Demand for Confidential Computing Security Solutions Rises

Anjuna Sees Rapid Growth As Demand for Confidential Computing Security Solutions Rises

Anjuna Security Inc., the Confidential Computing software company, today announced that it is experiencing strong growth in 2022 with the rising market awareness and demand for securing cloud workloads, core applications, proprietary algorithms, and personal data in any environment. Anjuna makes it practical to simply lock down workloads during runtime on a server—the one point where it is currently exposed to insiders, third parties, or would-be attackers. Confidential Computing could grow to become a $54 billion market by 2026, with a CAGR of 90%-95%, according to a report from Everest Group.

“We are experiencing sharp growth and substantially higher interest so far this year due to recognition that Anjuna holds the key to making the public cloud fully secure,” said Ayal Yogev, co-founder, and CEO of Anjuna. “The unquestionable and existential advantages of the public cloud can now be embraced fully and without the need to change anything. Transparently closing the remaining fundamental trust and risk gaps in the cloud is a game-changer for the use of MPC, blockchain, digital wallets, proprietary AI code, and confidential data.” 

Already this year, Anjuna has seen a 700% growth in new customers, with a continued strong outlook based on a 15x increase in the sales pipeline. Companies across multiple industries have selected Anjuna to enable the use of Confidential Computing in the public cloud. A watershed customer win earlier this year was the Israeli Ministry of Defense, one of the world’s most security-focused and security-adept organizations, selecting Anjuna and public cloud infrastructure for highly sensitive data.

To meet growing market recognition and demands, Anjuna has brought on two seasoned executives. Mark Bower joins as Vice President of Product Management to help drive the continued innovation and evolution of Anjuna products and solutions. Trent Hall joins as Vice President of Global Channel and Cloud. Previously Bower served as Principal Product Manager for AWS Payment Services, responsible for cryptography development, and EVP Enterprise Market Development for comfort AG. Before that, he was GM of HPE’s Data Security Business through the acquisition of Voltage Security. Hall will accelerate Anjuna’s cloud partnerships and continue to build out the global partner ecosystem. He previously served in similar positions for Skydio, Splunk, and SignalFx.

In February, Anjuna announced the closing of a Series B investment round of $30 million, with former Zscaler executive Manoj Apte joining the company’s Board of Directors. Anjuna’s partners now include AWS, Microsoft Azure, HashiCorp, Venifi, and Redis Labs. So far this year, the company has increased its employee base by 3x.

Anjuna Confidential Computing Software enables organizations to utilize the widely deployed secure enclave hardware security features already built into servers in on-premises data centers, public cloud, and hybrid infrastructure-including AWS, Azure, and others-transparently and without any need for modifying applications or IT processes and without impact to scale or performance. The solution also enables full, multi-cloud deployments without changes to code or processes, enabling hardened security and trusted sharing of data in and across any environment in any location. The runtime encryption can seamlessly and uniformly extend to data storage and transmission, and across all cloud and on-premises data centers, providing end-to-end, gap-less data and asset security. The Anjuna solution can deploy confidential computing quickly and easily in a matter of minutes, rather than taking years of professional time for redevelopment and redeployment.