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Apple Podcasts Subscription Launch Delayed To June Due To Last Minute Hiccups

Apple Podcasts Subscription Launch Delayed To June Due To Last Minute Hiccups

Apple announced a new premium podcasts subscription service at its Spring Loaded event back in April. The service was due to launch in May, support for which was mentioned in the recent iOS 14.6 changelog too. But it seems like there have been a couple of last-minute hiccups along the line and the launch of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions has thus been delayed to June.

In an email to podcasters spotted by those over at 9to5Mac, Apple mentioned the delay but without any mention of the snag. All it stated was that Apple needs a bit more time for the rollout.

“To ensure we are delivering the best experience for creators and listeners, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions and channels will now launch in June. We will communicate further updates on availability, and best practices to help you prepare your subscriptions and channels, through this newsletter,” the email reportedly read.

Some creators have mentioned issues in recent weeks like not being able to log in to Apple’s Podcast Connect portal or seeing a delay in the availability of new episodes. Apple has acknowledged these issues and has apparently addressed some of these problems already.

“We’ve also heard from listeners and made adjustments based on their feedback with iOS 14.6, which was released on Monday. We will introduce additional enhancements to the Library in the coming weeks,” read the email.

Apple, after its Spring Loaded event in April, also announced a Podcasters program to creators in India for an annual sum of INR 1,799. Creators can enroll in the Apple Podcasters Program through the Apple Podcasts Connect app. Subscribers, meanwhile, are allowed to share their subscriptions with family and friends, if that’s permissible in their existing plans.