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Automating Cybersecurity Remediation Through Collaboration Between Pentera and PlexTrac

Automating Cybersecurity Remediation Through Collaboration Between Pentera and PlexTrac

PlexTrac, the premier penetration test reporting and collaboration platform, and Pentera, the leader in automated security validation, have partnered to automate and standardize cyber vulnerabilities remediation processes. The joint solution accelerates organizations’ vulnerability detection-remediation cycles with transparent reporting and tracking.

Pentera’s Automated Security Validation platform tests the organization’s security layers against the latest adversary threats to understand their true security gaps and provide real-time security validation at scale. Utilizing Pentera’s actionable insights, organizations can then fix the right security gaps before they are exploited, based on their potential business impact.

PlexTrac’s Penetration Test Reporting and Collaboration platform reduces aggregation and reporting time by half by bringing all posture and risk assessment data sources together and streamlining a collaborative report-building process. Additionally, PlexTrac provides a single source of truth to manage and track remediation and validation processes, assuring measurable progress is made toward security resiliency.

“Pentera is the premier solution for performing the continuous validation needed to keep up with the evolving threat landscape,” said PlexTrac Founder and CEO Dan DeCloss. “It is the only platform that supports automated, agentless adversary emulation activities on both internal and external networks. Being able to import Pentera results into PlexTrac with our integration partnership helps ensure that valuable data can be communicated and acted upon quickly and easily so organizations can become measurably more secure.”

“Pentera and PlexTrac focus on short, interactive cycles of testing and remediating as the key for improving security posture. This shared target makes us a perfect fit for a partnership,” said Ran Tamir, Chief Product Officer Pentera. “PlexTrac’s solution is second to none when it comes to reporting security findings. Using Pentera and PlexTrac together provides the ultimate in-process automation to support faster cybersecurity remediation cycles.”