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Better cyber Security in Perry County

Better cyber Security in Perry County

Commissioners discussed acquiring cybersecurity options through the state during their first monthly meeting April 4.

This comes in response to the government email hack earlier this year, as reported in the March 31, 2022, issue of the News.

Commissioner Greg Jarboe explained Indiana State’s involvement goes through a contract with FireEye Information Technologies, who provides local governments with cybersecurity.

Jarboe reported the state has locked the county out of the state voter registry due to its lack of a security plan. Once the security is in place, Jarboe explained, the state will allow the county to use the state voting registry.

This security adds another layer of firewalls to the current system, Jarboe explained. It also continues with system monitoring, as it was FireEye who caught the county’s email outbreak, which in turn brought the county email hack to the state’s attention.

There’s no additional cost to the county for FireEye, since it is a state service paid for with state taxes, Jarboe reported.

The county currently has no cybersecurity plan in place with the state, which the state requires. This agreement would cover that requirement, Jarboe explained.

Jarboe also reached out to the Fedberal Bureau of Investigations, who is handling the cyber hack. The FBI declined to comment because it is still under investigation.

Reopening a boat ramp

Mano Point Park boat ramp, located on Indiana 66 near Derby, has been closed for several years but has recently been opened by the Federal Forest Service, that controls the property, as reported during the Perry County Commissioners meeting April 4.

The forest service has requested the county take responsibility for maintaining overgrowth on the boat ramp. Commissioners have approved to make a contract with the forest service for the highway department to keep the boat ramp clear.

According to Commissioner Tom Hauser, the forest service has taken the initiative to focus more on recreation than conservation, which is the reason for re-opening Mano Point boat ramp.

Forest service employees will be responsible for mowing the area surrounding the ramp and the restrooms, but the county has agreed to help keep the ramp accessible for those who wish to use it.

Hauser commented he liked the idea, as when Mano Point was previously accessible, the highway department was taking care of maintenance. “If it becomes too costly, we’ll sever the agreement,” Hauser stated.

“It’s been six years since it’s been cleaned,” said highway department superintendent Steve HowU.S. stocks saw a jump in the final hour of Thursday’s session, and ultimately closed slightly higher for the day. Tim Pagliara, Chief Investment Officer of CapWealth, joined Cheddar News’ Closing Bell to discuss. “The markets have had to digest a lot of action from the federal reserve this quarter and it’s affecting everything from mortgage rates to how they value stocks,” he said.

Howe thought they would use a mini backhoe for the initial clear but could be maintained with much less effort and cost afterwards.

Port authority

Perry County Port Authority and Hoosier Southern Railroad is making a grant application for 14 miles of rail. The port authority plan to change the 75 pound rail to 115 pound rail to enhance the line’s durability, said Port Authority President and CEO Alvin Evans.

The project is expected to cost $10.6 million, some of which would be covered by the grant. Evans asked commissioners for a letter of support, though there will be no obligations from the county and will be handled by the Authority. The grant will cover $9 million, with $1 million from the state and $750,000 from the Port Authority.

“The 75 pound rail was cast in the 1890s or early 1900s, so it’s been on the track since that time,” Evans reported. He explained that 75 pound rail weighs 75 pounds per three feet, so 115 pound rail is thicker. Evans also noted, “115 pound rail is getting hard to get with everything going on.”

Rail breakage has increased recently due to rail traffic increase, Evans continued. The Federal Railroad Association recommended Port Authority goes forward with this application and project.

Other business

• County insurance will retain the emergency flight EVAC options, which lets county employees pay $65 per year for helicopter emergency air lift coverage.

• Claims for county general, highway and advances were approved with a total of about $569,000 for March.

• Four county 911 claims were approved at the commissioners meeting after having gone through the 911 advisory committee.

• The Perry County Development Corporation contract has been renewed for the year as part of the county edit plan. The county pays PCDC approximately $248,000 annually to manage marketing, community planning and development.

• County government phone lines have been having connection problems, especially when it rains, reported County Administrator Teresa Kanneberg. Kanneberg submitted several complaints with the phone company, AT&T, but representatives have told her repairs are affected by circuit board shortages coming out of China.

One of the many issues that has resulted from the phone shorts is people unable to get connected with the county health department.

Commissioners considered switching to PSCI for phone service.

• Kanneberg has worked with the county website developer to make changes to the calendar allowing public meetings for the whole month to be viewed at one time with any related attachments.