Crypto Token of New York Times Column Sells for $560,000.

Crypto Token of New York Times Column Sells for $560,000

Security and performance are the two most important goals that an organization is never able to achieve together. And for the most part, user experience and business performance get a higher priority. Turning off security – even at the cost of data breaches – to prevent things from slowing down might not hurt now, but will eventually put the business at great risk.

So, how to break this stand-off?

Here is a paper that outlines the challenges that impact the ability to deliver high-performance and reliable real-time security and how you can address them with the help of one of the world’s fastest and largest security networks. A one-of-a-kind digital collectible item created out of a New York Times technology column sold for more than $500,000 in an auction, the first such sale in the history of the newspaper.

An image of the column — titled “Buy This Column on the Blockchain!” — was turned into a nonfungible token, or NFT, and sold in a heated auction that brought in more than 30 bids on the NFT marketplace website Foundation.

The NFT, a unique bit of digital code that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and refers to a 14 megabyte graphic of the column hosted on a decentralized file hosting service, cannot be duplicated or counterfeited, making it potentially valuable for collectors. Some NFTs have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars in recent weeks, with one such sale — a collection of art by the digital artist Beeple — bringing in more than $69 million at auction.

Along with the token, the winner of the auction — should they choose to identify themselves — will receive additional perks including a voice message from Michael Barbaro, the host of “The Daily” podcast. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Neediest Cases Fund, a Times-affiliated charity.