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Due to a Database Upgrade, Syncing 1Password Was Absent Today

Due to a Database Upgrade, Syncing 1Password Was Absent Today

Whenever we talk about password managers, especially ones that sync their data to the cloud, there’s always discussion about whether or not your information is secure and what happens if the servers go down. The second thing is exactly what 1Password users in the US experienced earlier today, as a problem affecting kept mobile, desktop, and browser clients from syncing.

A status page first noted the problem at 10:42AM ET and listed it as stabilized, with clients able to connect again by 2:42PM ET. During the outage, the status page noted that the issue didn’t affect any offline data stored in clients, and other domains like,, or were operational.

Before I knew there was an outage, I saw it on my own account when I tried to save a password, and it simply would not do it. All of my local clients still had all of my current passwords, so I think most people didn’t even notice it was down. However, if you don’t store your passwords on a local device or had lost access to it during the outage, there could have been a real problem.

Anyone who uses a password manager that stores data in the cloud does have some risk of this happening to them, but it doesn’t seem to have been very disruptive. On the other hand, cloud storage makes keeping tons of logins accessible from every device you use easier and enables features like the Travel Mode that wipes out data stored on your device if you’re in a situation where it may be confiscated or searched. Still, given the fact that the new 1Password 8 client will only sync with the cloud and doesn’t give the option of sticking exclusively to local storage, it’s something to be aware of. For customers who prefer local storage, 1Password has said they can continue using 1Password 7.