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Expanding Its Focus on Technology, Limbach Holdings Inc. Chief Information Officer Christos Ruci

Expanding Its Focus on Technology, Limbach Holdings Inc. Chief Information Officer Christos Ruci

Limbach Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: LMB) (“Limbach” or the “Company”) announced today the appointment of Mr. Christos Ruci as Chief Information Officer. As a Company, our focus has been to increase value for our customers as part of our Owner-Direct business model. This strategic direction has required us to expand our partnerships and make decisions that invest in solutions designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the business. Our technology, digital, and analytics solutions play a critical role in this effort.

To this end, we hired Christos Ruci as VP of Technology to help organize and centralize our use of technology internally in 2020. In his role, he has also begun to partner externally with our customers to drive our digital solutions go-to-market strategy including the use of analytics and virtual tech.

In his new role, Mr. Ruci will continue to report to our Chief Financial Officer, Jayme Brooks. Leveraging his previous experience and successes, his daily focus will be on how to make the Company work smarter through technology and move Limbach closer to our vision of being the best-in-class, trusted advisor of value-driven building solutions for its clients through technology. Through this investment, our Company will be able to provide our clients with the facility data to help them streamline operations and make data-driven decisions. It will also be rewarding to our employees as they become more efficient in their day-to-day work activities.

“We are very proud of our Company’s 120+ year history. The only way we have stayed in business for this long is through our culture of constant improvement and thinking about our future evolution, an evolution that answers the needs of our customers and our employees. We are excited to expand upon Mr. Ruci’s role to help continue our progress on becoming a more efficient organization and ensure we leverage technology and data. Christos will be leveraging other technology partners with their expertise to bring the industry forward. His technical expertise and demonstrated success will allow Limbach to work smarter, reduce risk and improve our margins.” said Charlie Bacon, Chief Executive Officer.