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Exploding Kittens and Netflix Are Partnering On animated Series and a Mobile Game

Exploding Kittens and Netflix Are Partnering On animated Series and a Mobile Game

Netflix is expanding its work in gaming by partnering with the makers of the silly card game Exploding Kittens on a mobile title and a TV series based on the popular franchise. Exploding Kittens — The Game, described as “an exclusive version of the beloved mobile game,” will launch in May, while the TV show, “an adult animated comedy series,” will launch in 2023. The new game will be the latest in an ever-growing series of mobile titles available to play for free with a Netflix subscription.

There’s already a version of Exploding Kittens available on the App Store and Google Play, but with Netflix’s version, there will be two exclusive cards at launch. Down the line, there will be new cards and game mechanics “themed around the animated series.” The version of Exploding Kittens that’s currently available (which is a paid game) will remain on the app stores after the new version launches, Netflix spokesperson Tawni Argent tells The Verge. Unfortunately, any progress, expansion packs, or saves you might have from the current mobile versions won’t transfer to Netflix’s game, as they are two separate titles.

The upcoming TV show promises to be as wacky as you might expect. “In the animated series, titled Exploding Kittens, the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell reaches epic proportions when both God and the Devil are sent to Earth — in the bodies of chunky house cats,” according to a synopsis from a press release.

Executive producers for the show include Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, known for their work on King of the Hill, and the game’s creators, Elan Lee and Matthew Inman. Inman, who also made the popular comic The Oatmeal and a cat-themed mobile game called Kitty Letter, will also serve as a showrunner.