Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference Won’t Happen in This Year

Facebook's F8 Developer Conference Won't Happen in This Year

Meta won’t be holding its F8 developer conference in 2022, the company announced Wednesday.

“Similar to years past, we are taking a brief break in programming and will not hold F8 in 2022 while we gear up on new initiatives that are all tailored towards the next chapter of the internet, and the next chapter of our company too: building the metaverse,” Meta’s Diego Duarte Moreira said in a blog post. “Similar to the early stages of the web, building the metaverse will be a collaborative effort at every stage — with other companies, creators and developers like you.

In lieu of F8, Moreira pointed to Meta’s “inaugural business messaging event,” dubbed Conversations, which will take place on May 19th. Moreira also said there will be another Connect event “later this year” focused on the company’s “VR, AR, and metaverse platform offerings.” At the October 2021 Connect, Facebook announced its rebrand to Meta, so it seems likely the company will have some big news to share at that event.

Other big tech conferences are moving forward in the coming months. Google I/O will take place May 11th and 12th, while Apple just announced on Tuesday that the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference is set for June 6th through 10th. Both will be fully available online. And IFA 2022 is set to be an in-person event that’s scheduled to take place in-person in early September.

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