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Google Pixel Watch May Feature an App

Google Pixel Watch May Feature an App

Google’s Pixel Watch will arrive later this year, and you might need a different app to pair it with your smartphone. Yes, instead of the WearOS app, users need to install the Pixel Watch app to pair it to their smartphone. It would be similar to how Samsung and Apple have a dedicated companion app for Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch.

9to5Google managed to somehow enable a new settings page for the ‘Smart Unlock’ in the latest Google Play Services beta marked version 22.22. The ‘Smart Unlock’ is a recently announced feature that will allow Android and Chromebook users to use a WearOS watch to unlock their devices. The settings page for the feature suggests that users would need to have their WearOS watch unlocked on their wrist and near the device in order to unlock the device.

The same ‘Smart Unlock’ settings page mentions the Google Pixel Watch app, a companion app for the upcoming Pixel Watch. The page reads, “To set up your watch for Smart Unlock, connect it to your phone with the Google Pixel Watch app. Your watch and phone must be connected to use Smart Unlock,” suggesting that users need to pair their Pixel Watch through a dedicated companion app first.

We don’t know what new features the Pixel Watch app would bring compared to the WearOS app or how different they would be. However, it would be much better to have a single app to manage all of these devices instead of having different apps for different products.