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Next Week, Emtech Next Will Be Live and Online

Next Week, Emtech Next Will Be Live and Online

Next week, MIT Technology Review, in partnership with Charter, welcomes live audiences to the MIT campus for its signature event on the future of work, EmTech Next. Hosted as a hybrid experience June 7-8, the two-day program features an all-star lineup of speakers from organizations such as Walmart, Meta, Levi Strauss, and Google sharing the must-have strategies to create an adaptable organization and the essential technologies that make it possible.

“The workplace has changed radically,” said Mat Honan, editor in chief of MIT Technology Review. “Hybrid work is here to stay. The great resignation has made it easier than ever for employees to change jobs. It can be daunting. But smart employers can embrace these changes and get out ahead of them. At EmTech Next, we’re going to dive into the technologies and tactics leaders need to know about to navigate the future of work.”

This year’s conference focuses on resilience and resurgence. Through live presentations, interactive Q&A sessions, and thought-provoking interviews, EmTech Next will provide attendees with trusted guidance on agile leadership strategies and the flexible technologies that will power the workplace and workforce of tomorrow. “The smartest leaders are looking to researchers and their peers for takeaways for navigating the changing workplace,” said Kevin Delaney, editor in chief and chief executive of Charter. “This unique convening at the MIT Media Lab will provide actionable insights for a better, more dynamic future of work.”

The in-person experience includes live sessions at the renowned MIT Media Lab, exclusive tours, interactive demos, and onsite networking. All participants will have access to an online event platform for live-streamed content, videos on demand, and interactive discussions. For full conference details, visit

EmTech Next Presenting Partners are Deloitte Consulting LLP, one of the world’s largest business consultancies and a leader in human capital consulting; and Intel, an industry leader creating world-changing technology that enables global progress and enriches lives.