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Sony Linkbuds S Anc Earplugs Are the “Smallest and Lightest”

The Sony LinkBuds S Are Said To Be the Anc Earbuds That Are the “Smallest and Lightest”

Sony’s follow-up to the unconventional LinkBuds could be the lightest active noise cancellation (ANC) earbuds yet. According to WinFuture, the new earbuds — supposedly called the LinkBuds S — weigh just 4.8 grams each.

And while the LinkBuds released earlier this year are slightly lighter, weighing in at only 4 grams per bud, the new LinkBuds S come with ANC while the LinkBuds do not. Other ANC earbuds, like the AirPods Pro (5.4 grams each), Beats Studio Buds (5.1 grams each), and Galaxy Buds Live (5.6 grams) are still all heavier than the rumored LinkBuds S.

In addition to ANC, WinFuture expects the LinkBuds S to have high-resolution audio and 5mm drivers (much smaller than the 12mm drivers you’d find in the standard LinkBuds) as well as a slightly longer battery life. The LinkBuds S may provide up to 20 hours of listening with the charging case or up to six hours without, as opposed to 17.5 hours of battery life with the case and 5.5 hours without.

Like its predecessor, WinFuture predicts the rumored earbuds will support Sony’s speak-to-chat mode, a handy feature that automatically pauses audio when you start talking. Additionally, the LinkBuds S could also come with adaptive sound control. This feature automatically switches between ambient sound mode, which lets you hear the world around you, and noise cancellation based on your environment and is likely the reason for the prominent vents on both the interior and exterior of each bud.

WinFuture says the LinkBuds S will go on sale for €199 (about $209.85) “shortly” and come in black, white, or beige. The Verge reached out to Sony with a request for comment but didn’t immediately hear back.