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The Report “Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare” By Breachquest Examines Top Threats and Best Practises in the Healthcare Industry

The Report Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare By Breachquest Examines Top Threats and Best Practises in the Healthcare Industry

BreachQuest, the company revolutionizing incident response, today announced the release of the “Cybersecurity Risks In Healthcare Report.” The report examines top healthcare threat actors and methods, observations from past cyberattacks, and insights on ransomware incidence as well as actions and practices organizations can take to be more secure.

The “Elevated Pulse: Cybersecurity Risks In Healthcare Report” includes original BreachQuest analysis and data along with pooled research from various sources. The comprehensive data collection paints a very challenging environment for healthcare organizations:

  • 93% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach in the past three years[1]
  • Healthcare organizations report around 2 breaches per day on average [2]
  • Security breaches cost the healthcare industry $6T by the end of 2020 [3]
  • In Q1 of 2022 6.9M+ individuals were affected by 136 healthcare breaches[4]
  • Negligent breaches are happening 2x as often as malicious ones [5]                                                                                                                                                         

“All organizations need to consider minimizing user friction for security solutions, but user efficiency and ease of use is especially important for doctors, nurses, and medical personnel,” said Sandy Dunn, CISO of BreachQuest and former CISO of BlueCross of Idaho. “When an ER team is faced with a life and death situation and needs information immediately, 16-character user passwords with a screen that locks in five minutes are not good solutions.”

Based on the data and unique challenges found in the healthcare vertical, the report provides perspective tips to ensure insurability mitigation and resilience for organizations. Some of the topics covered include botnets and healthcare; why healthcare data is so valuable; and how healthcare organizations should protect themselves when 60% of their breaches come from vendors.

You can download the full report here and if you are interested in learning more about the best practices, you can connect with Sandy and other security leaders in the BreachQuest Qmunity.