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Wireless FarrowTech Sensors Nanobeacon Bluetooth Beacon Technology

Wireless FarrowTech Sensors Nanobeacon Bluetooth Beacon Technology

FarrowTech, a Danish entrepreneurial company, has developed a range of wireless sensors for use in pig farms.

The product utilizes InPlay’s NanoBeacon SoC IN100, a Bluetooth beacon chip that requires no software programming, low power consumption and low cost, providing users with great flexibility to connect multiple sensors so they can quickly build a wireless sensor platform system. Even on such a tiny chip, both sensor measurements and Bluetooth advertising can be achieved simultaneously, and year-long operation can be achieved with a small density coin cell battery. It is also worth noting that the cost of the system is very attractive, making large-scale deployment of FarrowTech’s technology possible.

“After having done thorough research and comparison of the chips currently available in the market, the IN100 SoC was chosen. Low price, low power consumption and extreme ease of use made it a clear winner,” said Erik Hougaard, CEO of FarrowTech.

“I am very pleased that FarrowTech has adopted our NanoBeacon Bluetooth beacon technology for their wireless sensor product design. The accurate measurement of piglet temperature has been an industry challenge, and we are proud to work with FarrowTech colleagues to solve this challenge and contribute to it.” said Jason Wu, co-founder and CEO of InPlay.