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10 Technology Podcasts You Should Listen to and Why

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Technology keeps changing and updating daily. Some are good while some are bad. It is almost impossible to identify what you need based on your requirements. Each solution has different problems, and each problem has different solutions.

So how do you understand which technology to use, and which best suits your requirement?

A simple method to gain knowledge on the latest technology is to listen to technology podcasts by experts and industry critics. Podcast hosts cover a wide range of tech products and solutions under each category or vertical. Topics can be based on demand and requirement, or what’s trending at the time. You can also gain a wide range of information from them too.

There is a range of podcasts to select from in the internet. Are you thinking of which one to watch?

10 Technology Podcasts

Here is list of 10 technology podcasts you should listen to that we recommend based on our research.

  1. IT Visionaries
  2. Cloudcast
  3. Software Defined Talk
  4. TechSNAP
  5. a16z
  6. Back To Work
  7. HBR IdeaCast
  8. Tech Swamp
  9. TechTrends
  10. Tech Policy Podcast

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IT Visionaries

A bi-weekly podcast that interviews IT professionals, leaders, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, and visionaries in the IT industry. The podcast provides insights into the latest trends, technologies, and advancements in the field.

Best For – IT Managers and IT aficionados.


Cloudcast covers everything related to cloud. It posts reviews, knowledge transfer, interviews, opinions etc on the subject.

Best For – Cloud professionals, IT managers

Software Defined Talk

Everything from Kubernetes to DevOps are included in this light yet informative podcast that is very entertaining to watch. The topics include but are not limited to enterprise solutions and cloud computing, providing comprehensive information the technology updates.

Best For – IT managers, IT news watchers


Short for technology systems, network, and administration podcast, TechSNAP covers the day-to-day tech concerns of the public. It provides a platform to clear doubts with the help of professionals, while deep diving into the issues.

Best For – Anybody with a technical know-how


Produced by Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm, a16z covers the emerging new and innovative technologies. The podcast has a good following for its balanced perspective that combines investor’s business POV with technology.

Best For – Business Investors, Tech aficionados.

Back To Work

Back To Work talks about the intersection of technology, work and people, and how it affects the business ecosystem.

Best For – IT leaders, Business professionals, Leadership teams.

HBR IdeaCast

HBR IdeaCast has a changing host system that talks about a variety of topics on tech workplace innovation and productivity, keeping the subjects interesting and informative.

Best For – Business leadership, Tech professionals.

Tech Swamp

ACT’s Tech Swamp does an amazing job of providing information on the latest tech trends and history of innovation leading to it.

Best For – Tech enthusiasts, Professionals.


While most famous technology podcasts discuss latest smartphone, laptop, video game console news, or rumors, TechTrends focus on larger, non-customer-facing trends in business technology.

Best For – Technology followers, Business leadership, Tech and IT professionals.

Tech Policy Podcast

Tech Policy Podcast adheres mainly to the technology related policies such as data privacy, piracy, viruses, hacking, etc. the topics cover how it can affect the daily life of users.

Best For – IT managers, Security professionals, Tech fans.

Technology Never Stops

We all use technology for our daily life from personal to professional. What we need to understand is how to utilize them for the greater benefit. For businesses, technology means how they operate smoothly. Gaining knowledge on this aspect is important. Podcasts share knowledge that can help you.