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Tesla Might Reveal “Optimus” on September 30th 

Image Courtesy: Pexels

With the billionaire inventor making promises on a regular basis and delivering on most, there are speculations that might change robots as we see them. Tesla is set to announce “Optimus” their AI-powered humanoid robot that will be deployed in Tesla factories to aid with a variety of things.  

Tesla claims that they have been using 100s of robots already and will only add to their fleet. The humanoid robot is an exciting concept on paper but practically might outweigh the costs. With Honda and Boston Dynamics working on prototypes for far longer than Tesla, experts have shared their concerns. 

Expect the “Unexpected” 

Experts are skeptical of the Inventor’s claim saying that the AI for robots will be rather limited. Tesla founder Elon Musk had also promised to have a million self-driving taxis on the street, but that has not been the case. 

Most people agree that Robots might work well in a very controlled environment, but they will not be able to navigate “unexpected situations”. With the AI for accident prevention still in its nascent stages, it will be interesting to see how the humanoids are deployed, to say the least.  

For people concerned with the costs, each humanoid robot will cost around the $25k mark. And in the long run, will get many updates. In a shareholder meeting at Tesla on the 4th of August, Optimus will be more valuable than cars in the near future.  

They will mostly be deployed to do most tasks that humans won’t be able to do or are just too monotonous for them. Optimus will be able to perform under dangerous conditions and do boring and repetitive work with great efficiency.

This makes them the perfect candidate for work in the Tesla factory. Since they will be doing repetitive work, they can be more efficient than the average human and work longer hours too. With Tesla taking every measure to increase their productivity humanoid robots will be a great boost for them. 

Xiaomi has also entered the Humanoid robot game with CyberOne. Even though these robots are still in their nascent stages they might just become a part of society sooner than we think.  

What about humans? 

This could be an I, Robot” situation but will you be the “Will Smith” in that situation?. It will cause a disruption in the labor market as they are more efficient than a normal person. With Tesla being able to manufacture and upkeep a robot under the “Median Minimum Wage”. It might turn into a sore point for many people too. 


But all this is still a few years away, and all this depends on whether Telsa will follow up on their word or not. With Elon Musk’s track record being a bit patchy as of late, only time will tell what the “Optimus” can do or not.