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Wearable Tech You Should Own in 2022

Image Courtesy: Unsplash

As the relationship between us and tech becomes more and more symbiotic than ever, it was only time before we had wearable tech too. From fitness to giving direction, today’s tech can do it all. But what if we told you that you could wear it too!  

Here are a few things that every tech-savvy person should own 

Smart Rings

Rings were a fashion statement for a long time, but today you can get a smart ring, that has a variety of features. From tracking your heart rate, to counting the steps that you have taken, a smart ring can do so much.  

It is the perfect companion for people who do not want to get a Fitbit. Track your heart rate and fitness journey with a smart ring today. 

Smart Glasses

In Mission Impossible, we see Tom Cruise getting his mission instructions from a smart glass, in 2022 this is not an action movie. You can get Ray-Bans Smart Glasses named “Stories” which can receive the class via Bluetooth and give you GPS Navigation.  

They are incorporating VR capabilities into them to give you the best-augmented reality out there. The Ray-Ban ones will help you capture data in the form of audio and video up to 20s. You can take pics and make calls with it too.  

Smart Clothing

Smart clothes with sensors will help you get more out of daily wear. They are tech-enabled clothing that can track a variety of parameters and features. It can be paired with both android and iOS and is water resistant too. 

In 2022 there is no reason for your clothes to be water-resistant too. It has a battery life of 14 days which will come in handy more often than not.  

Smart Earphones

Ever since personal music consumption has been on the rise, earphones have been a must-have accessory for everyone. But in 2022 you can go one step ahead and get smart earphones for yourself.  

You can get Bose Sleep buds 2 which are smart earphones that play calming sounds over the earphones to help you sleep better. Not only that, but the wireless earphones by Apple are also a great addition for anyone looking to level up their audio experience.  

Smart Helmets

The primary function of a helmet is to protect your head, but if you are someone who rides a lot after the sun sets, then a smart helmet is “THE” thing for you. They can be synced with the mobile app and be used to display the turn that you are taking.  

They are also waterproof and have a built-in fall detection feature too. It is as of now compatible with Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 4 and above.  

In the end

In 2022 there is no reason for your clothes or accessories to daily wear too. Get any of the aforementioned tech-enabled accessories and step into the future now.